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Compact Servo Drives with Ethernet Connectivity

Use your favorite programming language like Python, C# and others to control the HDrive17-ETH-i servo motor.

The HDrive17-ETH-i can be controlled with any ethernet capable device, eliminating the need for PLC equipment.

Save costs and time during development

The HDrive is a complete, closed-loop servo drive that includes everything from the sensor system to the power electronics.

The embedded software offers advanced servo drive features such as precise position control and a comprehensive path planner. The drive supports various operational modes, including position, torque, and speed control.

The HDrive17-ETH-i is the smallest servo drive with Ethernet connectivity currently available on the market.

Superb Web-interface

The HDrive17-ETH-i has an integrated web server, which allows for configuration and control of the servo drive. The interface can be accessed by navigating to the drive’s IP address using a web browser.

It is also possible to update the firmware of the drive and the web GUI. Additionally, it is possible to upload a custom web GUI, as demonstrated in one of our tutorials.

Technical data

Drive modes
  • Torque control
  • Speed control
  • Position Control
Sensor system
  • Type: Calibrated, magnetic single turn absolute encoder 
  • Resolution: 14 Bit
  • System accuracy:
    ±0.1° up to ±32 Million turns
Drive performance
  • Stall torque: 
    HDrive17: 0.6 Nm
    HDrive23: 2.2 Nm
  • Maximum Speed: 700 RPM
  • Maximum Acceleration:  50’000 RPM/s
  • Ethernet protocols:
    • TCP
    • UDP
    • HTTP
  • Field bus :
    • CAN-Slave
    • CAN-Master (HDrive generates a local CAN bus)
Digital I/O
  • Step/Dir (configurable)
  • PWM-Torque out/in
  • PWM-Position out/in

HDrive23-ETH-i with 2 Nm stall torque

We are pleased to announce that the HDrive23-ETH-i units are now ready to ship. The concept is similar to the HDrive17-ETH-i, but it features a 57mm x 57mm motor with almost double the stall torque.

Both the HDrive23-ETH-i and HDrive17-ETH-i share the same core software and web GUI, so there is no need to differentiate between them. The firmware is compatible with both drives, and the new drive benefits from over 5 years of firmware development experience.

Industrial experience

Henschel-Robotics Servo drives are the top choice for PC-controlled machines.

When the requirements become more complex, the HDrive system allows you to write the entire control logic using high-level programming languages such as C#, Python, Java, or C++, giving you complete control over the scalability of your industrial application without relying on the IDE of any PLC manufacturer.

Additionally, you can take advantage of source control tools like GIT or SVN during the development of industrial machine control. Furthermore, you can benefit from unit testing and automation releasing with Jenkins and other related tools.

Rock solid design

You can have confidence in our drives and their code. They are built using best practices and modern electronic components, and are engineered and manufactured entirely in Switzerland.


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